Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bags Are Quite The Thing!

I've been blog hopping today before getting busy on a new project and was struck by how many bag crafts I happened across. Either my sister bloggers and I are on the same wave length or bags are regaining in popularity OR both!

I wanted to point out a couple great spots of inspiration I came across that I intend to revisit soon:

For nifty paper sack crafts I visited old pal Cindy Lyles at Starlit Studio for her rendition of cute little thank yous and nifty gifties. You've got to see them...I'm definitely going to give this a try when I make my grandgals' Valentines. Ahhh...finally a project for my heart-shaped doilies. Thank you, Cindy!!

Cindy was inspired by Mish Mash's Christmas pouches. Aren't they the cutest things ever?? She also has an store with lots of interesting tidbits.

And Dineen a newbie over at the Magnolia-licious Challenge blog came up with a pattern/template that works perfectly for my handcrafted bag below. Be sure to go print yourself a copy :-)

I was also very inspired by the delicate loveliness of Viola Mahr's beautiful cards and crafts. She sells lots of yummy goodness at her store too.

And totally unrelated to bags but looks interesting is a video classroom of sorts that might be fun... .

Please be sure to leave these talented bloggers some love if you stop by and come back to see my LOVE-ly surprise I'm working on that will be posted soon! Ohh...before I about following my blog too?