Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 St. Anthony's Italian Festival

Wilmington, DE June 14, 2009 - What a terrific day for the annual procession of the saints through the streets of Little Italy in Wilmington! The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect...the best weather in recent memory.

This is the first St. Anthony's Italian Festival since our beloved senator turned U.S. Vice President so few expected to see him making the annual walk along in the procession. Those of us in the Archangelo family were no expection when up pulled 2 unusual SUVs with strobe lights and numerous atypical folks wandering the sidewalks glancing to and fro...surely a Secret Service detail. All of us at the corner of 6th & Scotts Streets realized quickly we were probably in for a surprise when Senator Tom Carper walked up to me hand outstretched and announced, "Joe Biden's back there". I enjoyed a good chuckle and said I didn't believe him but he assured me it was true. What a real surprise and treat when Vice President Biden and his darling granddaughter, Natalie made their way up the street to our corner!

My beaming mother-in-law hopped out to shake hands with Biden when he put arms around her and gave her a kiss! I was standing there in shock with my camera thrown over my shoulder enjoying the moment when I hollered for him to wait so I could take a photo. Mom also told him he owed her a photo. He obliged giving us his wonderful smile then hugged & kissed me and moved on to the next-door neighbors too.

I'm not sure he heard us when we mentioned his son, Beau accidentally turned my camera off rather than shooting a photo several years back but this was all the sweeter and worth the wait. The photo above isn't the best because I was shooting into the sun and didn't have time to readjust my camera but it will be treasured!