Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun Halloween Altered-Art Craft

I've had this heart-shaped wooden bag around for a few years just waiting for this altered-art craft. My daughter is coming home from a Mediterrean cruise on Saturday and I was thinking about her upcoming Halloween lollipop-making and thought this would look cute on her desk at work full of pumpkin lollipops!
I hope she likes it...all made from things I didn't have to buy. If I live long enough to use up my stash, I'll be a very old lady!! This was so easy to make. I painted and distressed a $1 box from the unpainted wood deptartment in my ACMoore. Traced it and cut down 2 layers of papers I distressed and went to town with my box of Halloween embellies. I may yet go back and add some orange boa around the top for a little fun...we'll see. The distressed flowers were made with scalloped circles I cut, quarter folded, antiqued and glued to a kraft cardstock circle with a nifty epoxy button added. I just love the vintage Making Memories epoxy buttons and wish I had bought more way back when. I'll have to make myself something when I get to the last one. Remember those typewriter key alpha stickers? They make a perfect "BOO".

Our backdoor neighbors had a bad fire at their house yesterday. DH and I were moseying around the house with a birds eye view and didn't realize anything was going on until the first firetruck arrived, 4 came in total. The poor kids ended up running out of the house in their pjs, not warmly for the chilly weather. We heard today that the dryer shorted and melted the pvc waterpipe which caused further shorting and an electrical fire. They'll be out of the house for a couple months while the house is worked on but it could have been so much worse. The young woman came by to return the fleece I took to her and told DH if they hadn't been home to call it in, the result would have been catastrophic. We're so happy they are all safe.