Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cindy Lyles' Pump for Habitat for Humanity

This is a little peek at the awesome work of altered art created by Cindy which will be auctioned off to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Please be sure to visit Cindy's amazing blog, Starlit Studio, for a generous dose of inspiration and entertainment. I happened across it yesterday by way of Ellen Hutson's which I probably found by visiting Cindy's is amazing how we are all so interconnected.

Cindy and I go way back to our days working for the same collectible manufacturer so it was a real treat to stop by her blog and see the wonderful projects she is working on and to see we once again have a little more in common. She created an amazing altered-art piece for which Habitat for Humanity will benefit. I couldn't help myself and had to tell her about my daughter and how she worked with the Habitat for Humanity efforts in New Orleans after Katrina so I absolutely LOVE, LOVE what she created. I hope it brings in TONS of $$$ for this worthy charity!!

I left a little love note on her blog and was tickled to get a nice little email first thing this morning. What a nice treat!! Thanks Cindy...I hope you don't mind I snagged a photo as a teaser to send my visitors back to your blog.