Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Winterthur Christmas

Joy of joys!!!! There is no place like Winterthur for stepping back in time at Christmas. Last week, my pal Bonnie and I did just that...we had a fun morning touring this wonderful mansion which was home to the Henry Francis duPont family. The mansion and grounds are located in Greenville, Delaware which is truly the most beautiful place one would have ever been blessed enough to call home. I certainly did my share of dreaming that morning when Bonnie & I toured the mansion that had been decked in Christmas finery, we toured with just two other visitors. It was a real treat to have such a small intimate group with our knowledgeable docent, Ginny.
Here is the first thing I saw that caught my paper-crafting eye...
Layers of creamy white paper cones, embellished with pearl dots along the edges make beautiful Christmas trees!

Here is the family's living room...ahhhh, and note the hand-painted Chinese wallpaper. Mr. duPont bull-nosed the ceiling edges to accommodate the wallpaper which arrived a little too long to fit the walls. It is an amazing result! Thank goodness for benefactors like this who have preserved our history. This place is worth a vacation to this area alone but write me if you do and I'll share more jewels you'll want to see when you come.


Anonymous said...

We live very close to Winterthur and have enjoyed many years of Holiday tours. Each year is a different periods in selected rooms. I would love to know how to make those white paper trees. They are just perfection.