Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scrap-A-Latte Design Cafe & Alaska

PhotobucketWhew! The newly revamped selling group I belong to have finally finished all the changes though I am still madly making logos when time permits! It was difficult to complete thanks to a lax graphic designer for hire who only finished part of the work and no longer answers email nor completed logo 2. The one here is one I made and actually taught myself the html and figured out to add movement which you see on the steaming acronym "SALDC."

More than 3 months have passed since my last post! I am so sorry for anyone stopping by since our vacation to AK. What a hoot to come home to the big news from AK...I can't bring myself to repeat it here...I know you all know too!

It was a tremendous cruise. The temps. were fairly normal for AK running in the high 40s & 50s with few sunny days but completely enjoyable. Fran & I opted for a 2 week cruise up the Inside Passage and back and were thrilled that everyone we met on the 2nd legged said they wished they had done the same. Getting into Denali was difficult and tedious and not worth the 6 hr. drive in a school bus per the other folks so we felt pretty good considering our dear friends, George & Gina had done just that and both more or less agreed.

I highly recommend Holland America for AK and especially our little ship the Zaandam. Food and service were wonderful though I can't believe I was tired of eating by the end of the cruise!

College Fjord & Glacier Bay were awesome. Ketchikan was our favorite port with the quaint shops on Creek Street and the incredible Aleutian Ballad fishing boat we were set for both stops. The Aleutian Ballad is the fishing boat made famous on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch". The crew took us to see seals, eagles, octopus, starfish, etc. George & Gina were right, it was the best part of our journey. We loved it so much we bought our son, Justin, a beautiful jacket for his birthday and hopefully one day he'll get to ride it too since he has just returned from his first cruise this weekend!

Please be sure to check out the links for great paper crafts on eBay and visit the new blog for Scrap-A-Latte Design Cafe (SALDC).

More soon, promise!!